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We're established in December 2005.Previously, Randomic is a small store stood independently to distribute local stuffs such as local clothing with different brand, bands cassettes or CDs and many local movements.But now we're become SUPER ONLINE STORE.May GOD always rocks our day! -RDMC <3 YOU contact:08567314697/rdmc2005@gmail.com


Bigmouth strikes again!

A new T-Shirt design would be available on June.
called "Bigmouth Tees"

//Cotton Combed 20s SW printed//

Availabel Size:S M L XL

PRE ORDER dapat dilakukan via SMS atau Email:
+628567314687 atau ke rdmc2005@gmail.com

Get this stuff and lets singing
"Bigmouth Strikes Again", a song by The Smiths. It appears on their third album The Queen Is Dead and was the lead single from the album, reaching #26 in the UK Singles Chart in 1986.

RNDMC Blessed Merch's banner by HellKid

RNDMC Blessed Merch says: 'Greeting From Raincity!'

RNDMC Blessed Merch telah me-release baju raincity edition , untuk menunjukkan bahwa kami benar2 cinta kota ini :D
Ayo ngacung siapa yang sudah memilikinya ?

Greeting from Raincity!

#Credit to..

Model : Gita
Photographer : Putra Rizkyawan
PhotoRetouch: Vkar Voundation
Location : Kebun Raya Bogor